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Environmental Health
Information about human illness and dysfunction from environmental causes.
Dodging The Toxic Bullet  (615.902 Boy)
How to protect yourself from everyday environmental health hazards.
how deadly toxins changed our lives forever
toxins at home and in the workplace.
discusses the effects of the environment on our health.
More Than Genes  (618.24 Agi)
"what science can tell us about toxic chemicals, development and the risk to our children."
sustainable living for both environmentalists in "suits" and "sandals".
The book explains what mold is, the conditions contributing to its growth, how indoor mold can affect health, how to find sources of contamination, small-scale cleanup jobs, and professional remediation.
The Sunlight Solution  (612.399 Car)
"why more sun exposure and vitimin D are essential to your health."
Based on the latest research along with interviews with top medical, toxicological, and environmental experts, The Toxic Sandbox, covers a wide range of essential environmental concerns.
Chemicals in food, cosmetics and household products can negatively affect your health and even cause chronic illness.
The British Medical Journal states reports that 75 percent of all cancers are environmentally induced. We live in a toxic world. The author is a naturopathic doctor who will transform your health through gentle purification and effective detoxification.
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