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Alternative Medicine
Complementary medicine is used together with traditional western medicine. An example of a complementary therapy is using therapeutic touch to help make a patient more comfortable after surgery. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional western medicine. An example of an alternative therapy is using a macrobiotic diet to treat cancer instead of undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. The following resources provide more information about these topics.
Alchemical Medicine  (615.532 Goo)
Spagyrics for detox, healing and longevity.
Alternative Medicine?  (615.509 Biv)
What is "alternative medicine? Why is it so popular?
helps you make informed decisions about how best to feed your family with whole foods.
an introduction to principles and practices of naturopathic medicine.
Aromatherapy: An A-Z  (615.3219 DAV)
With over 400 entries covering more than 200 conditions, and 82 essential oils, this aromatherapy book explains the properties of essential oils and the health conditions that benefit from them. There is also advice on hazardous oils. There are recipes and formulae for baths, creams and tonics.
For the first time, leading medical experts at the world-renown Mayo Clinic are publishing a book that surveys the most important and popular therapies, procedures, and practices of natural medicine, delivering facts based on clinical experience and current research in this illustrated, accessible guide.
Chill Out and Get Healthy  (613.04244 Rau)
a no-nonsense, tell it like it is guide to living clean and being your strongest sexiest self. Written by a practioner of traditional Oriental medicine.
Chinese Home Remedies  (610.951 WAN)
Chinese Home Remedies is a book that offers an intriguing blend of traditional Chinese medicine-as practiced today-and a wide variety of ancient Chinese folk remedies.
Basic consumer health information about complementary and alternative medical therapies.
The home guide to acupoint treatment.
learn how fish oil supplements can help prevent cancer, alzheimers' disease, heart disease and many other health conditions.
Green Medicine  (610.1 Mal)
"A bold and comprehensive approach to harnessing one's life force to heal body, mind and spirit, akin to the ancient wisdom teachings found in many cultures."
An easy to learn form of energy medicine, Reiki is becoming commonplace and helps support the gentle restoration of the body's natural balance.
"the ultimate multidisciplinary reference to the amazing realm of healing plants, in a quick-study, one-stop guide."
the author describes a rich diversity of important healing approaches based on energy which teaches us a piece of the puzzle of the nature of health and healing.
"the definitive guide to over 120 healing therapies and spiritual traditions."
The Oxygen Revolution  (615.836 Har)
this book talks about hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of common chronic diseases and conditions
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