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AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, has become a major worldwide epidemic. It is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The following list of resources relate to these topics.
This book is about AIDS and Africa, and the world's response to both, and presents three stories describing possible futures of the situation.
AIDS Update   (616.9792 AID )
This program includes both a video and print component designed to educate students on the latest facts about HIV and AIDS. Includes a teacher's resource book.
AIDS: Science and Society  (616.9792 FAN 2004)
A comprehensive overview of AIDS from both a biomedical and psychosocial perspective.
Local Organizations
AIDS Committee of York Region
Newmarket L3Y 1J6
Phone: 905.953.0248
Casey House
9 Huntley Street
Toronto M4Y 2K8
Phone: 416-962-7600
HIV/AIDS Epi Updates  (614.59939200971 HIV 2005)
HIV/AIDS Epi Updates summarize recent trends and developments related to the HIV epidemic in Canada. Topics include national HIV estimates, HIV testing and reporting, population-specific analyses and risk behaviours.
Pandemic (videorecording): Facing AIDS  (362.1969792 PAN 2003)
Five remarkable stories of people from Uganda, India, Brazil, Thailand and Russia, all of whom have been touched by AIDS.
"With up-to-date medical information that has been thoroughly vetted by experts, this first-person narrative provides an invaluable look at what it's like to watch someone you know battle with HIV/AIDS."
The basic information presented on this video will give students and other viewers in health classes or counseling situations much to consider and discuss.
"Controversial AIDS reporter Celia Farber collects twenty years of investigative work on AIDS."
The Wisdom of Whores  (614.599392 PIS)
"Bureaucrats, brothels and the business of AIDS - a riveting insider's view of an industry and a clear sighted analysis of where we've gone wrong."
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