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General Health and Medicine
General reference sources about health topics and descriptions of diseases or abnormalities.
The author follows the development of medicine through the lives of its greatest practitioners, whose discoveries over the years shaped the course of medical history.
"more surprising facts and misleading myths about our health and the world we live in."
A comprehensive, authoritative, yet easy-to-understand source that clarifies and explains the complex world of health care for the average Canadian.
Common Symptom Guide  (Ref 616.047 Com)
"essential guidance to help you diagnose 100 of the most commonly seen symptoms in adults and children."
"this book will help you understand what is going on in your body and begin your journey to recovery."
This 7th edition's multidisciplinary emphasis facilitates effective communication between health professionals from all disciplines and specialties.
Family Health And First Aid  (616.0252 Fer)
From treating cuts, sprains and bandaging in an emergency to making decisions on headaches, fevers and rashes: plus all you need to know about the long-term health and fitness of your family.
First Aid & Family Health  (616.0252 FER)
This manual tackles the health issues that will affect your family all the way through their lives.
Including brand-new information, this is the first paperback edition of the premier family health guide from the world's most esteemed doctors and researchers. Generously illustrated and comprehensive, this updated, easy-to-use guide covers all aspects of health, from infancy to old age. Also available online at: health.harvard.edu/fhg
this book explains how physical space affects both our mental and physical wellbeing.
Learn from the Mayo Clinic experts in this complete guide to identifying, treating and preventing a broad range of common medical problems.
This 18th edition of the Merck Manual provides the medical community, as well as the layperson, with current, complete, and comprehensive information on all areas of medicine.
Why Our Health Matters  (362.10425 Wei)
a vision of medicine tht can transform our future.
*Information provided by the Library's Health resources Web pages does not constitute a medical recommendation or endorsement by the Richmond Hill Public Library. Please read the library's disclaimer and copyright notice regarding linked sites. Decisions regarding your health should always involve the assistance of a professional health care professional. If you need immediate medical advice contact your own family physician or the Telehealth service at 1.866.797.0000.