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Investments for Experienced Investors
There are myriad investment vehicles for small private investors. Our library subscribes to the following investment titles. They are all kept at the third floor information desk at the Central Branch unless indicated otherwise:
Reference Sources
  • Candlestick Charting Demystified (332.632042 Cor)
    Learn the essentials of candelstick chart construction.
  • Day Trading For Canadians For Dummies (332.63228 Log)
    A guide that shows you how day trading works, identifies the all-too numerous pitfalls and gives you a step-by-step action plan to get started.
  • Derivatives (332.6457 Wei)
    Financial expert Weiss introduces readers to the basic concept of a derivative and offers a thorough examination of the many derivative products.
  • Invest Diva’s Guide To Making Money In Forex (332.45 Dan)
    How to profit in the world’s largest market.
  • Market Masters (332.6 Spe)
    ,”First class interviews of successful investors sharing a diverse range of sound investment philosophies. Canada is rich with financial savvy and business acumen,”.
  • Mastering Bitcoin (332.178 Ant)
    A broad introduction to bitcoin, ideal for non-tech users, investors and business executives.
  • Predict The Next Bull Or Bear Market And Win (332.63222 Sin)
    The secret to making money - no matter what the market conditions!
  • Technical Analysis For Dummies (332.5 Roc)
    Savvy traders have been using technical analysis for over a century. This hands-on guide includes the latest updates on technical indicators and practical examples that accurately reflect today’s financial atmosphere.
  • The ABCs Of Gold Investing (332.63 Kos)
    How to protect and build your weatlh with gold.
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Technical Analysis (332.632042 Arp)
    Proven techniques to help you identify the right times to buy and sell.
  • The Investor’s Guidebook To Equities (332.6322 Vea)
    A concise yet comprehensive guidebook to understanding equity investments.
  • The Little Book Of Capital Investing (658.15224 Ger)
    Empowering economic growth and investment portfolios.
  • The Little Book Of Real Estate Investing In Canada (332.6324 Cam)
    In real estate, there are never any bad real estate markets, there are just bad purchase and sale decisions. The author directs you towards practical steps that decrease risk and increase returns.
  • The Power Of Japanese Candlestick Charts (332.63204 Tam)
    Advanced filtering techniques for trading stocks, futures, and forex.
  • The Power Of Japanese Candlestick Charts (332.63204 Tam)
    Advanced filtering techniques for trading stocks, futures, and forex.
  • The Terrible 10 : A Century Of Economic Folly (330.97309 Abr)
    ,”Abrams describes all the symptoms of what happens when the disease of government infects the body of the marketplace.”
  • The Trader’s Guide To Key Economic Indicators (330.015195 Yam)
    Identifies the essential economic indicators needed to completely understand the economy’s underlying fundamentals.
  • Trading As A Business  (332.64 Dia)
    Diamond discusses the methods and rules he has used to beat the markets for forty years.
  • Trend Trading Set-Ups : Entering And Exiting Trends For Maximum Profit (332.6 LIT)
    Engaging and informative, Trend Trading Set-Ups skillfully details a process for understanding how to enter and exit trends for the best possible trading results.
Magazines & Newsletters
  • Bank of Canada Review
  • Canadian Economic Observer
  • Investment Reporter
  • Investor's Digest
  • Money Letter
  • Tax Letter
  • Valueline [Condensed Canadian Edition ]
Web Sites
  • Advice for Investors
    Publisher of the Investment Reporter, Investors Digest of Canada, MoneyLetter and TaxLetter aims to be the “largest provider of investment advisory services in Canada.”
  • Bank Of Canada
    Responsible for Canada’s monetary policy, bank notes, financial system and funds management.
  • Baystreet.ca: The Investors Community
    An online network for Canadian investors.
  • BigCharts
    Customized charts for Canadian and American companies.
  • Bonds Online
    Information, education and direction in making bond and fixed income investment decisions. $fee.
  • Canadian Dealing Network: TSX Venture Exchange
    Canada’s organized over-the-counter market.
  • Canadian Insider
    Insider trading data for Canadian investors.
  • Classic 164 Currency Converter
    Multilingual exchange rates for 164 currencies from Jan 1 1990 to current day.
  • Dow Jones Indexes
    Offers more than 130,000 equity indexes as well as fixed-income and alternate indexes.
    U.S.A. Securities and Exchange Commissions’s website
  • Financial Times
    Online version of the British newspaper Financial Times. Free email registration.
  • Globe Investor
    A comprehensive site for investors from The Globe and Mail.
  • International Deposit Rates Exchange
    Provides International bank deposit comparison information highlighting the best interest rates from around the world.
  • InvestRight
    BC Securities Commission website for Canadian investors
  • Morningstar Canada
    "Canada’s leading investment fund research firm" and marketer of PalTrak and BellCharts software products.
  • Motley Fool
    Award winning site online financial forum.
  • Northcote Data
    your link to UK listed companies. Free service to users.
  • Online Stock Trading Review
    provides information to investors wishing to trade online
  • Optionetics
    Aims to educate investors on the fundamentals of safe stock and options trading.
    Canadian Securities Administrators website listing all Canadian public companies
  • Stingy Investor
    Norm Rothery, a columnist for Money Sense Magazine, keeps Canadian investors abreast of trends in the market by providing links to financial newsletters and articles on his stingy website.
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
    "The TSX Group is a cornerstone of the Canadian financial system and is at the centre of Canada’s equity capital market."
  • Worldwide Stock Exchanges
    provides links to stock exchanges around the world.
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