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Retirement Planning
The library has over 60 titles on retirement planning to help you make the right decision for your retirement portfolio. You can search the library catalogue under such words or phrases as retirement planning, retirement income, financial security, pensions Canada, mutual funds and RRSPs or browse in the 332.02 section of each of our library branches. Some popular titles are as follows:
  • Beyond Work (332.024014 Roi)
    How accomplished people retire successfully
  • Canadian Retirement Guide  (332.0240140971 ODO)
  • Gordon Pape’s Guide to RRSPs  (CLOSED REF 332.6042 PAP 2004 )
  • How To Retire Overseas (646.7909 Ped)
    Everything you need to know to live well (for less) abroad.
  • Looking Forward: An Optimist’s Guide to Retirement  (646.79 FRE)
  • New Retirement : How It Will Change Our Future (332.0240140971 Tra)
  • Pension Strategy for Canadians (332.02401450971 SPR)
  • Pensionize Your Nest Egg (332.02401 Mil)
    Using this book as your trusted guide, you can “pensionize” your retirement finances to create guaranteed income that lasts for your lifetime.
  • Plan Now, Retire Happy (331.252 Hal)
    When it comes to your retirement, it is easy to stick your head in the sand, thinking you are too young, too busy and too cash strapped to worry about the future. This British author separates the myths from the realities.
  • Retire Smart Retire Happy [videorecording] (646.79 Ret)
  • Revitalizing Retirement (646.79 Sch)
    ,”reshaping your identity, relationships and purpose,”
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Financial Myths That Will Ruin Your Retirement Dream  (332.0240140971 TRA)
  • Start Late, Finish Rich  (332.02401 BAC)
  • The Boomers Retire (332,024008460971 Bis)
    A guide for financial advisors and their clients
  • The International Living Guide To Retiring Overseas On A Budget (332.024014 Has)
    How to live well on $25,000 a year!
  • Working After Retirement for Dummies (650.140846 Eps)
Magazines & Newsletters
  • Elderhostel
    Now is the time to plan all those trips or learn something new!
  • Good Times!
    "Canada's magazine for successful retirement!"
  • Zoomer
    formerly CARP magazine, Zoomer is a bold new lifestyle magazine for men and women "of a certain age"
  • Forever Young
    a newspaper for Canadians 50+ offering news and features on health, retirement and travel
Web Sites
  • FundLibrary.com
    Canadian mutual fund ratings.
  • Get Smart About Money
    The Ontario Securities Commission provides unbiased and independent financial tools to help you make better financial decisions.
  • GlobeFund.com: Mutual Funds
    Profiles, news and resources on mutual funds from the Globe and Mail.
  • Mutual Fund Dealers Association
    The mutual fund industry’s self-regulatory organization’s list of members.
  • The Canadian Retirement Income Calculator
    A tool to help you better understand how each pillar of the retirement income system will contribute to your financial security.
  • The Globe And Mail Retirement Planner
    A web portal from the Globe & Mail filled with information to help Canadians plan their retirement
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