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Financial Planning & Investing
Whether you are just trying to organize your household finances, save money on taxes, plan your retirement, make your money grow or protect your estate, we can help. The library has a wide array of titles and recommended websites to help you get started. Click on the quick links below for library resources and recommended websites:
  • Estate Planning
    Although “estate” gives an image of hidden mansions nestled in a forested and gated community, estate planning simply means planning what happens to your worldly goods when you die. It gives you control over who inherits what, avoids family rows after the will is read and protects your assets from death taxes or duties. Making a will gives you peace of mind now and protects your loved ones once you are gone. The library has over 35 titles on estate planning. Here are some books and recommended websites to help you get started.
  • Finding a Financial Advisor
    The following Web sites allow you to search for a certified financial planner. All searchable by name, firm, financial specialty and geographical area:
  • Investments for Beginners
    Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, options, derivatives, warrants, commodities - hogs bellies? Head spinning yet? Feeling intimidated by the investment lingo? If you are a novice investor, here are some books and recommended websites to help you get started.
  • Investments for Experienced Investors
    There are myriad investment vehicles for small private investors. Our library subscribes to the following investment titles. They are all kept at the third floor information desk at the Central Branch unless indicated otherwise:
  • Personal Finance
    Whether you are trying to put a new household budget in place, applying for a mortgage or consumer loan, saving for your children’s education or your own retirement, trying to reduce your taxes or just want to be able to balance your chequebook, we have resources to help you get started.
  • Retirement Planning
    The library has over 60 titles on retirement planning to help you make the right decision for your retirement portfolio. You can search the library catalogue under such words or phrases as retirement planning, retirement income, financial security, pensions Canada, mutual funds and RRSPs or browse in the 332.02 section of each of our library branches. Some popular titles are as follows:
  • Tax Planning
    The library subscribes to annual tax planning guides in order to help you minimize the taxes you have to pay and keep on top of the many changes to the income tax legislation and regulations every year.