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Resources for All Job Seekers
Recommended books and job sites by the Business Librarian.
  • 101 Smart Questions To Ask On Your Interview (650.144 Fry)
    This compact,concise handbook will prepare you for the most challenging and frequently asked questions you can expect to encounter.
  • 15 Minute Cover Letter  (650.142 Far)
    Examples of winning cover letters that can be done very quickly
  • 60 Seconds And You’re Hired! (650.14 Rya)
    By following these tips from America’s top career coach, you can land the perfect job by excelling at the crucial job interview.
  • Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies (650.144 Yeu)
    In a competitive job market, you need an edge. This updated guide gives you one.
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing (658.3112 Fit)
    This is more from an employer’s point of view but will help you to understand what they are looking for.
  • Best Canadian Cover Letters (650.142 Gra)
    Samples for Canadian jobs and industries crafted by Canada’s foremost resume writers.
  • Best Canadian Resumes (650.142 Gra)
    All new samples for Canadian jobs and industries crafted by Canada’s foremost resume writers.
  • Best Keywords For Resumes, Letters, And Interviews (650.142 End)
    Every time you respond to a job posting or upload your resume, it is put through an Applicant Tracking System that scans for keywords for the targeted position. If you resume doesn’t contain the right keywords, you’re out of the running.
  • Brilliant Cover Letters (650.142 Inn)
    ,”What you need to know to write a truly brilliant cover letter.”
  • Cracking The Hidden Job Market (650.14 Ash)
    how to find opportunity in any economy!
  • Gallery of Best Resumes (650.142 Nob )
    Collection of 215 outstanding resumes and 30 cover letters from professional resume writers.
  • Get a Great Job When You Don’t Have a Job (650.14 Ste)
    ,”land the job of your dreams - even in the toughest of markets!”
  • Get Hired In A Tough Market (650.14 DeB)
    ,”insider secrets to find and land the job you need now.”
  • Graduate To A Great Career (650.14 Kap)
    How smart students, new graduates, and young professionals can launch “brand you,”.
  • Great Answers Great Questions For Your Job Interview (650.144 BLO 2014)
    This book will prepare you to answer the trickiest questions and make yourself stand out from the competition.
  • High-Impact Interview Questions (650.31124 Hoe)
    701 behavior-based questions to find the right person for every job.
  • How To Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (650.14 Sch)
    helps you take advantage of the bounty of opportunities to be found through social networking.
  • Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job: How to Survive Unemployment (158.7 Lea)
    ,”Losing your job may well be the most difficult thing you have ever faced,”. The author provides psychological tools to help you handle your period of unemployment better. You will discover inner strengths and skills to cope with life.
  • Knock Em Dead Cover Letters (650.142 Yat)
    Write the cover letter that gets your foot in the door.
  • Knock em Dead Secrets and Strategies For First-Time Job Seekers (650.14 Yat)
    It’s tough landing your first job out of school and starting that climb up the ladder of success in such an uncertain world. This book is a blueprint for success and living life on your own terms!
  • Mastering The Job Interview And Winning The Money Game (650.144 Wen)
    ,”Learn how to beat the competition and negotiate the best salary, whether you are looking for $20,000 or $500,000.”
  • Motivated Resumes And LinkedIn Profiles (650.142 How)
    Insight, advice, and resume samples by some of the most credentialed, experienced, and award-winning resume writers in the industry.
  • Panic Free Job Search (650.14 Hil)
    ,”Unleash the power of the web and social networking to get hired.”
  • Secrets Of A Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach (650.1082 Qua )
    ,”A foolproof guide to getting the job you want. Every time!”
  • Subversive Job Search (650.14 Cor)
    How to overcome a lousy job, sluggish economy, and useless degree to create a six-figure salary.
  • Surviving a Layoff (650.14 Eps)
    this book aims to give practical advice on how to deal with a layoff.
  • Tell Me About Yourself : Storytelling to Get Jobs and Propel Your Career (650.144 Han)
    ,”Tell Me About Yourself” is the most commonly asked interview question - this author will help you to create a portfolio to reflect your story.
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Recession Proof Careers (331.7020973 Coh)
    A surefire approach to finding secure employment - now and in the future.
  • The Damn Good Resume Guide (650.142 Par)
    The fifth edition of this classic book which aims to give a crash course in resume writing.
  • The Essential Job Interview Handbook (650.144 Bau)
    A quick and handy resource for every job seeker
  • The Essential Phone Interview (650.144 Bai)
    Phone interviews are often the most unexpected facet of job interviewing, yet they are fast becoming the standard for employers when narrowing a pool of applicants and determining who will be invited for in-person interviews.
  • The InfoGraphic Resume (650.142 Mor)
    How to create a visual portfolio that showcases your skills and lands the job.
  • The Quick 30/30 Job Solution (650.14 McNu)
    Smart job search tips for surviving today’s new economy.
  • The Resume And Cover Letter Phrase Book (650.142 Sch)
    the authors show you which words and phrases open doors, impress managers and point out your value to the company.
  • The Smart Guide To The Perfect Job Interview (650.144 Hol)
    Get the job you want by crafting and directing the perfect interview.
  • Top Notch Interviews (650.144 Dav)
    Tips, tricks and techniques from the first call to getting the job you want.
  • Use Social Media To Find Your Dream Job! (650.14 Qui)
    How to use LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media in your job search.
  • Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door (650.14 Mack)
    ,”Job search secrets no one else will tell you.”
  • Welcome To The Real World (650.14 Ber)
    Finding your place, perfecting your work, and turning your job into your dream career.
  • When Can You Start? : Ace The Job Interview And Get Hired (650.144 Fre)
    ,”Filled with practical and proven techniques, this book will help you convert “We’ll be in touch” to four words everyone wants to hear.”
  • Why You?: 101 Job Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again (650.144 Ree)
    Based on direct input from top interviewers, this book offers preparation techniques and the lowdown on how to answer the most common questions.
  • Winning Job Interviews (650.144 Pow)
    strategies and techniques that are practical, market driven and easy to use.
  • Your First Job: The Recent Grad’s Indispensable Guide To Getting A Job (650.14 Qui)
    HR specialist Dan Quillen shares his wealth of insider tips and advice here, showing new grads the best ways to tackle the job market.
Web Sites
  • Canada Job Bank
    The “largest web-based network of job postings available to Canadians.”
  • Canada's Top 100 Employers
    The annual guide to Canada’s best places to work.
  • Canadian Careers
    Canadian Virtual Employment Library for Canadians coast to coast.
  • CanJobs.com
    The “leading Canadian-only recruitment site.”
  • Career Builder
    E-recruiting service for all Canadians.
  • Career Edge for Recent Graduates
    ,”The Career Edge internship program provides meaningful entry-level work experience for Canadian graduates eager to put their education to work, while offering employers the unlimited potential that comes with hiring bright young talent,”.
  • Career Jet
    References job listings from job boards and recruitment agencies. Encompasses over 90 countries but does include local information.
  • Career Owl
    Started by Canadian university professors, Career Owl provides job seekers with extensive personal profiles to fill out to taylor their job search.
  • Eluta
    Eluta is a search engine specializing in finding new job postings from employers across Canada.
  • Glassdoor
    This American site gives free access to more than 70,000 companies, including some Canadian companies. Includes salary reviews (can narrow down to Toronto), company reviews and interview questions - all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers.
  • Government Jobs Canada
    Job opportunities with the federal, provincial or municipal governments in Canada.
  • Government Jobs, provincial
    Job opportunities with the Ontario government.
  • Guru.com
    Although this site is aimed at freelancers, general job seekers can use this site to highlight their skills and experience to prospective employers.
  • Indeed
    ,”Indeed is a search engine for jobs ... free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites,”
  • Job Boom
    ,”a leader in online recruiting that specializes in the Canadian job market,”. Also includes a localized salary scale.
  • Job Postings Canada
    One of Profit’s fastest growing companies, “Passion Inc” aims to be Canada’s student job network. The site is organized into job postings, target student marketing and “applytoteach,”.
  • Job-Applications.Ca
    ,”Job-Applications.ca provides Canadian workers a quick and convenient means to apply for jobs online. We have printable application forms and links to online application pages for many of the largest employers in Canada,”.
  • Jobs Catalog - Canada
    Search and find your new job in Canada with Jobscatalog-canada.com, the job search engine that will help you find all the vacancies in your area.
  • Jobs In York Region: LOCAL
    Jobs in York Region that have been posted on other websites but gathered here for local job searching.
  • Jobserve.ca
    ,”has thousands of jobs listed across Canada,”
  • Local Work.ca: LOCAL
    Metroland Media Group’s website for local job searches. You can limit to town and/or industry sector.
  • Monster Board of Canada
    The mission of this monster site is to be Canada’s leading career management portal and to help readers make the most of their working life.
  • Neuvoo
    This digital recruitment firm aggregates jobs from employers career websites to help job seekers find work in their preferred region.
  • Nicejob
    Canadian search engine specializing in posting the latest job postings from company career sections.
  • Ontario Workinfonet
    ,”a searchable directory of links to over 2,000 websites specializing in employment and career information,”
  • Professionals In Transition
    Finally, a website to help job seekers cope with the emotional impact of losing their job and advice on how to deal with the crisis, come to terms with it and move on.
  • Second Career
    A cost-sharing grant provided on the basis of need by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Second Career helps laid-off workers with skills training for high demand jobs in Ontario.
  • talentegg.ca
    TalentEgg is Canada’s career hub for students and recent graduates.
  • The Directory of Canadian Recruiters
    ,”get access to recruitment firms across the country,”.
  • TorontoJobs.ca: LOCAL
    ,”ultimate online job bank designed exclusively for employment in the Greater Toronto Area.”
  • Vault
    Fortune magazine has voted this site "the best place on the web to prepare for a a job search".
  • Wet Feet
    Provides trusted career guides and a unique perspective on helping readers find the right career, the right industry, the right company and the right job!
  • Work Place
    ,”a one stop labour market informatoin resource,”
  • Workopolis
    Formerly globecareers.com, Workipolis is a partnership between the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and Gesca Ltd. Aims to be Canada’s leading provider of Internet recruitment and job search solutions.
  • Wow Jobs
    Search over 100,000 jobs across Canada advertised on thousands of job sites, classifieds and company sites across Canada.
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