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Coaching and Facilitation
Sector-specific resources for coaches and facilitators.
  • Becoming A Life Coach: A Complete Workbook For Therapists (158.3 Ski)
    This book explains the ins and outs of developing and running a successful coaching business.
  • Coaching : Evoking Excellence in Others (658.3124b Fla)
    Flaherty aims to empower aspiring coaches to be more effective in helping people achieve their goals
  • Coaching and Feedback for Performance (658.3124 Coa)
    ,”this practical guide provides clear steps and techniques you need to know to coach a diverse team of individuals,”
  • Coaching and Mentoring (658.3124 Ren)
    this book is aimed at the client rather than the coach - learn what they are looking for!
  • Find Your Sweet Spot (650.1 Eli)
    ,”A motivational manual for effecting positive life change, from a top executive coach,”
  • Life Is Management: Coaching Extraordinary Performance From Everyone (658.3124 For)
    This book is a comprehensive new approach to coaching behavioural change that will get extraordinary performance from everyone.+
  • Masterful Coaching (658.3124 Har)
    a “hands on book” on matching an individual’s aspirations with their business goals and facilitating their professional development.
  • Start Up Your Own Coaching Business (158.3068 Man)
    ,”this hands on guide shows you how to launch your own successful coaching company.”
  • The Career Coaching Handbook (650.14 Yat)
    ,”This book is essential reading for the new practitioner of career coaching.”
  • The Coaching Habit (658.3124 Bun)
    ,”Say less, ask more and change the way you lead forever.”
  • The Little Book of Coaching (658.314 Bla)
    An inspirational guide on coaching for leadership and limitless success.
  • TLC at Work : Training, Leading, Coaching All Types for Star Performance (658.3124 Dun)
    A practical handbook for coaches and facilitators, on facilitating professional growth and development in others.
  • TurboCoach: A Powerful System for Achieving Breakthrough Career Success (650.1 Tra)
    Brian Tracy is one of the world’s most sought after coaches. Read Brian’s book and find out if you have what it takes to be a great coach and transform the lives and careers of others!
Web Sites
  • Canadian Coaching Association
    An online community for life skill coaches and group facilitators in Ontario.
  • Coach Training Alliance
    Site provides help you "make a great living helping others succeed!"
  • My Life Coach: How to Become a Coach
    Do you have what it takes to become a life skill coach?
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