The jungle lay silent; the early morning mist clung to the jungle flora, as the dewdrops glistened in the rays of sunlight, which penetrated the canopy. The lush trees and plants grew to gargantuan size within the jungle; their massive leaves hung low in the cool morning air. The fauna grew to similarly large sizes as the flora, with giant, 20-foot long tigers and 12-foot tall tree-dwelling apes. A deep fog had set in, obscuring the view to only a few meters. However it was the unnatural silence that gave the small band of hunters a bad feeling.
Draped in animal skins, the hunting party made their way through the jungle, moving swiftly and silently, trying their best not to attract the jungle’s more deadly occupants. The dew-wet leaves of giant plants rubbed against their strong, muscular bodies as they walked in search of their allusive prey. Suddenly the party leader stopped, and motioned for silence from the rest of the group. He put his hand to his ear and listened, trying to make out the first sound he and the others had heard in hours.
Yes, he thought, it sounded like trees falling. The main question that plagued his mind was what was making the sounds. He knew of nothing that could uproot one of the mighty, sky-high trees. He decided that it would be worth investigating.
“Garagaga nor fera” he said to his companions in a primitive tongue, and motioned to move forward.
The party soon made its way to an open grassy plain with rolling hills where the fog had parted, where they beheld the most amazing spectacle to ever grace their primitive eyes. There stood two titanic creatures, eyeing down one another. They were on a scale all their own, larger then the largest leopards from deep in the jungle. They even dwarfed the mighty jungle trees themselves, which were the largest things the band of hunters had ever previously seen.
One of the large creatures was an ape, short and stocky-looking with dark brown hair, dirty and matted. Its fists were giant, each were the size of large boulders. The Ape creature’s ugly fur-covered face was scarred with deep long cuts, evidence that this creature was a veteran to the kind of battle the hunter were now witnessing. Its gaping jaws contained massive, pointed teeth.
Its opponent, while a similar size to the ape, had nothing else in common with it. It was a giant dinosaur, with a mouth full of rows of razor sharp teeth, and a thick scaly exterior. Its skin was a dark, almost black colour, which gleamed in the sunlight. It had a mane of feathers protruding from its neck, and large killing claws on its inner toes. Its long, scaled tail swung behind it as it maneuvered around the giant ape.
The two creatures were in a standoff. Grunts and growls were issued from their throats as they circled one another, steam rising from their nostrils in the cool morning air. Both of them had their eyes locked on one another, in some sort of animalistic blinking contest. Neither was making the first move. Suddenly the dinosaur lunged forward in a burst of otherworldly speed. Its jaws bit down on the giant primate’s left arm, causing the ape to cry out in pain. Its fist struck back; as it swung its free arm at its attacker. The blow struck home, landing on the side of the giant dinosaur’s face. Its jaw loosed from the ape’s arm, the beast was allowed to move free of the dinosaur. It then struck again and again against the scaled creature. The blows hammered the giant reptile’s body, until it could take the pain no longer and fell to the ground. The sound was deafening as it crashed into grassy meadow below.
The watching hunters covered their ears as the large, hairy gorilla turned its head to the sky and let loose an earthshaking roar of victory as it stood over its fallen adversary. It was unfortunate for the ape that it was not looking at the dinosaur. With speed that made any of its movement before seem like slow motion, it leapt at the simian, bringing its giant toe claws into the fray. They landed home on the ape’s chest, ripping into his hair-covered flesh and spraying his ape blood into the air. It landed on the ground in great puddles, staining the grass red. The dinosaur’s arms struck at the primate’s head, more blood splashed to the ground. The air was now filled with the bird-like shrieks of attack from the giant reptilian creature, while the ape roared in pain as it tried to swing in vain at its opponent. Finally, the dinosaur’s head struck forward, its jaw clamping shut on the large ape’s neck. The hairy brute screamed out, but gradually its screams died out, as the large beast’s lungs ran out of air. It slowly stopped moving and when it had finally died, its attacker let go of its neck.
The massive dinosaur raised its head to the sky and let loose a deafening roar, a similar display that its rival had shown before. The only difference was that this time the fight was finally over. The giant stood over its dead opponent and began to rip bits of flesh off. Meanwhile, the small band of hunters stood in awe of the battle they had just witnessed.
For the first time ever, a feeling came over them. It was a combination of fear and admiration of the giant beast. It was deeper then what they had felt for the giant predators of the jungle. It was a feeling of respect, a feeling of servitude, a feeling of worship. The small bands of hunters were feeling religious, and now were standing in the giant shadow of their god. After a few minutes of watching the creature feast, they slipped back into the misty jungle.
They abandoned their hunt, deciding it better to return to their village and tell of the event they had witnessed, to share the story and to share this strange new feeling of religion. To spread news of this deity, this god.
To tell of the battle of the Titans.
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