The morning sun dawns on my sleeping face, its yellow light glittering off my skin. But this is no ordinary dawn. Today is a new day, a new beginning, for today is the day when I will be fighting the battle of my life and if I succeed this rite of passage, I will be gifted with a power and a privilege. I dress quickly in my chosen ceremonial garments. With the aid of my elders, I properly groom myself for this special ritual. I take a look at my reflection in the glass for I have already felt older and wiser. I eat a hearty meal and rehearse the rules carefully, meditating silently. I must follow my preparation at a consistent pace. Very important indeed.
My elders soon join me once again and the time has come. The younger ones crowd in a circle to see me survive this test of power and courage as they gaze on with wonder, curiosity and the slight touch of envy. I smile to myself. I am ready. I stand rigidly with my feet planted shoulder-width apart. My dear mother gives me a kiss on the cheek and my proud father hands me the vital weapon, entrusting it into my hands. With this, I turn towards the awaiting beast. I stare down deep into its cold, emotionless eyes. It holds my gaze, its rigid and motionless body tense, challenging me to the root. Already, I could feel its low growl, its poisonous breath.
Its menace is felt through the entire atmosphere. Although I forbid my mind to wander, this vaguely resembles a scene from an old Western film. Yet it's too late to turn back with all my loved ones looking up at me with hope. I cannot fail. I march forward firmly and steadily. Left foot, right foot, left. The beast continues to stare, as if to sneer it would grow taller and bigger as the distance closes between us. Its presence is ubiquitous.
I am only a few steps away. The beast's towering structure is overwhelming, overbearing. Suddenly, a gust of wind rushes over this battlefield and the clouds change course. The sun appears in full fury. Aye, not a ray of hope but heat and flame. I shield my eyes as this blaze engulfs the entire territory. But the beast does not falter; in fact, it relishes this deadly heat and uses it to blind and scorch me. Oh God, what can I do?
Pride is a lump in my throat and as the chosen one, I cannot fail nor fall. I must persevere. I continue my course and slowly I draw my weapon out, using my other, unarmed hand to fend off its harmful rays. The wind changes again and the clouds darken the sky. Quickly reacting to the absence of destructive radiation, I plunge my weapon deep into the gut of the beast. Before it could give out its deafening roar, I twist the weapon even deeper and resignedly; its cries are muffled. I draw out my weapon and there is a sickening tear, a sound that still remains in my mind and heard in my ears for many years to come.
But my task is not complete yet. Thrusting my arm deep into its wound, I pull outwards quickly and sharply. Its wound is absolutely enormous and it gives out a loud wail. The task was almost done, but this dangerous monster is not so easily conquered yet. I crawl inside this deep wound to finish the beast off, once and for all. Inside the beast, I fasten a long tube of organs across me to avoid being sucked deeper into its insides and end up being ejected through the end of the tunnel. Holding on tight, I plunge my weapon in for the final kill, twisting it deep and hard, a 180 angle, forward and back.
The beast now gives a different sound. It begins to murmur and shudder, a purr compared to its earlier noises. It is quite a pleasure to hear, but not too comforting. I look out to see my loved ones gazing on with joy and pride. I have won; I have conquered the beast. It is now the time to tame. The battle is victorious for me, but the war has not been won yet. It would be many years and many scars and frustrations before it would all be over. Until then, I need to get my driver's license first.
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