even-year-old Laura was on her way to her Grandma Ellen's house for the weekend so her parents could go out for their wedding anniversary. Once they got to the small white house with a blue shingled roof, Laura ran out of the car and up the stone steps. When Laura's parents finally walked up onto the stoop, she searched for the doorbell. When she found nothing she rapped on the door loudly. After three hard knocks, the door opened and her grandmother let them inside. Her grandmother's house was beautiful. The walls were a white plaster. The dark green carpet was spotless with a gorgeous design. The furniture was neatly arranged in front of the great big mirror.
"Well you two aren't getting any younger y'know," said Grandma Ellen. "You'd better get goin." So they said goodbye, gave hugs and kisses and 'skiddadled.' Laura had slept over at grandma's old house before so she wasn't nervous. "Let's get your things into the guest room," said Grandma. The guest room was beautiful. It had a beige carpet, and white plaster walls. The bed had a coverlet the colour of emeralds and the bed was as soft as a marshmallow. On the bed there was a teddy bear with a red ribbon around his neck. "Grandma, is this your teddy bear?" asked Laura admiring it. "Yes," Grandma said. "How did you get him?"
Grandma told her how she got the bear at the county fair. "Ah, I can still smell the popcorn, hotdogs, funnel cakes, and cotten candy. I can even picture the roller coaster, merry-go-round and the games. It was 1932, I was your age Laura, and my father had taken me to the fair. My mother had gone to visit her aunt in Caramel. So anyway, I really wanted to play this game where you had to throw a ring onto a bottle. I was the only girl playing and I WON! I chose a teddy bear as a prize. The man behind the counter picked up a teddy and I said "No, may I choose one?" the man nodded yes. As I was walking up to the shelf, the teddy I wanted fell off of the shelf! I ran across the old and cracked cement walkway and caught him! I decided to call him 'Teddy.'
After a while I went on some of my favourite rides. Then as I was watching some clowns ride a red motorbike around the circus ring: thunder, lightning and rain came down on the fair. I was frightened and wanted my dad, but the crowds kept pushing to get out. 'Daddy!' I screamed. 'Daddy!' But there was no answer. So I ran into a candy shop to get out of the rain, with teddy in my arms. No one was inside, so I sat next to the window and looked for my dad. It was a cute store. White glittering walls, a sparkling oak floor and every kind of candy you could imagine. After about an hour I had to use the washroom. I took teddy with me into the staff washroom. I found out later that while I was in the bathroom, my dad came into the store. When he thought I wasn't there he quickly got into the car and drove home to call the police and my mom.
Meanwhile, at the shop, I was getting hungry and I had some money inside of my pocket, so I left fifty cents on the counter. Fifty cents was a lot of money in those days. It would buy you one large lollipop, 2 mojo's and a decent sized chocolate bar. So I took those off the shelf. I was so worried that no one wold find me…. Or that the lightning would blow up the shop…. So many horrifying thoughts were rushing through my head that I cried so loud that it shook the shelves and some candies fell on the floor
I found an old curtain to dry my eyes on. With teddy beside me, I sat down on the curtain. I untied the red ribbon in my hair and tied it around teddy's neck to make him look very handsome. That night I laid down on one half of the curtain and pulled the other half around teddy and cried myself to sleep. That night I had a dream that my dad found me, but it was really weird because I heard several voices saying things like 'there she is,' 'where?' 'on the floor.' 'Is she still breathing?' I opened my eyes. My dreams had come true. There was my dad standing in front of me. He found me! I started to cry because I was so happy that I had been found. I grabbed teddy and ran to my mom. She had come right back from Caramel. My mom hugged and kissed me so many times that one spot on my cheek was covered with lipstick. Daddy picked me and teddy up into his arms, and carried us to the car
I went home and ran up to my room. I thanked teddy for keeping me company and gave him a big hug. I'm not positive but I think he winked at me."
"The end," said Grandma. "I'm glad you're okay Grandma," exclaimed Laura. The both hugged for a long time. "Come on" said Grandma, "let's go have some milk and cookies." And they did.
By the way, as Laura was leaving the room, she winked at teddy, and you know what? He winked back.
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