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Richmond Hill Public Library Strategic Plan 2013
On behalf of the Richmond Hill Public Library Board, we are proud to share our Strategic Plan 2013, Enriching Your Connections, Choices and Community.
This plan is the result of a highly participatory process that engaged members of the Richmond Hill community and library staff from every department in an examination of the opportunities for an updated library service model driven by the many changes confronting Richmond Hill.
The document identified four goals that will guide the direction of the Library in both the short and long-term. We pledge to:
  1. Strengthen your connections
    We will strengthen your connections with the sources and resources that answer your questions, expand your explorations and drive your aspirations.
  2. Contribute vibrant spaces
    We will contribute vibrant spaces and places, physically and virtually, throughout Richmond Hill that are easily integrated into your daily life.
  3. Enrich your choices
    We will enrich the choices you have to build your individual life and build your community with quality services and programs.
  4. Reinforce our capabilities
    We will reinforce our many capabilities that bring our services and programs to life.
As Richmond Hill changes, we are determined to continuously improve the sources, services and spaces our residents deserve from their library.