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For all inquiries about your library account, PIN, downloading eBooks or issues accessing any of our eResource, please contact the Switchboard Monday-Thursday from 9:30 am - 9:00 pm, Friday from 9:30 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm, or Sunday from 12:00 - 5:00 pm.

Library cards expire annually. Many access issues are caused by an expired card. Cards must be renewed in person.

Switchboard 905-884-9288
Automated Telephone Service for holds and renewals 905-770-4291
If you prefer to contact us by email, please send requests to uasked@rhpl.ca. We will answer/acknowledge your request within 4 business hours. Hours of operation are above.

Louise Procter Maio
Chief Executive Officer
lproctermaio@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5041
Franca Perri
fperri@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5042
Mary Jane Celsie
Director, Content
mjcelsie@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 4980
Catherine Charles
Director, Community Connections
ccharles@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 4996
Yunmi Hwang
Director, Technologies
yhwang@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5047
Barbara Ransom
Director, Customer Experiences
bransom@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5046

Customer Experiences
Greg Patterson
Manager, Central Library
gpatterson@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5071
Cathy Peters
Manager, Oak Ridges Library
cpeters@rhpl.ca 905-773-5533 x 2006
Mackenzie Proctor
Manager, Richvale Library
mproctor@rhpl.ca 905-889-2847 x 4508
Karen Wales
Manager, Customer Services
kwales@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5097
Len Wong
Manager, Richmond Green Library
lwong@rhpl.ca 905-780-0711 x 2613

Michelle Splitter
Manager, Content Development
msplitter@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5056

Community Connections
Michelle Weinberg
Manager, Programming
mweinberg@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5029
Brock Smith
Manager, Communications
bsmith@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5082

Helen Gauthier
Manager, Technologies - Infrastructure Services
hgauthier@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5001
Dianne McLeod
Manager, Technologies - Digital Services
dmcleod@rhpl.ca 905-884-9288 x 5030

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